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Ultra Thick Face Grain Stair Tread

Our Ultra Thick Face Grain Stair Treads are a great choice for many applications including open stair cases. These wood stair treads feature secure, lock miter construction with 3/4" thick walls. They are hollow and the ability to order without certain walls provides flexibility for many uses. Our Ultra Thick Stair Treads have a waterfall appearance on the ends that looks spectacular! They are available in almost any thickness.

Ultra Thick Stair Treads are hollow with 3/4" thick walls all around. They are extremely durable and easy to work with. All walls, including the sides and ends, are constructed by gluing random width, face grain boards together. This provides a unique, modern look.

All stair treads that include the bottom side will have bracing inserted for extra durability. If you do not want the bracing, please put a note in the comment section of the order.

Ultra thick stair treads that are ordered without one or both end caps may ship over length.

For prefinished wood stair treads, a special catalyzer is added to a commercial grade, 45 sheen conversion varnish. Three coats are applied to all surfaces. This finish is hard and durable!

For prestained wood stair treads, a stain is applied, then three coats of varnish. Stain color choices are shown here. If you order prestained, please note your choice of stain in the comment section of your order.

These ultra thick wood stair treads are visually appealing on all surfaces including the bottom. If ordered as prefinished, they will be fully prefinished on all surfaces.

Unfinished ultra thick stair treads ship in about 4 weeks and prefinished in 5.

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All dimensions in inches
Dimensions: 3" x 10-1/2" x 36"
Nose: Square Edged
Wood Type: American Cherry
Walls: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left End, Right End
Finish: Unfinished
Sale Price: $275.98
(Sale ends 7/21)


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