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Poplar Hand Scraped Rustic Edge Countertop

Premium Quality Poplar Hand Scraped Rustic Edge Countertop.

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Poplar is a wood that can give an impression of age without the years. Its heartwood can be streaked with gray or even greenish tints, creating a surface that is marbled with blonde and looking well weathered. A single board can bring contrast in color while the grain is smooth, thin, and long, sometimes flaring out in curves or slants across the surface.

Beautiful. Natural. Organic. This is how you can describe the Rustic Edge hand-scraped wood countertop from Country Mouldings. With our Rustic Edge hand-scraped countertop, you can instantly transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting space.

The Rustic Edge hand-scraped countertop from Country Mouldings is a unique addition to any custom kitchen. To create our Rustic Edge countertop, a skill woodworker simulates live edge countertops by carefully crafting a rough edge and then uses a special tool to hand-scrape the wood giving it a unique texture. The hand-scraping gives the look of rustic wood planks, but with the strength and durability of today’s modern countertops. With a similar appearance to live edge countertops, our Rustic Edge can balance the coolness of today’s modern kitchen or add character and charm to a rustic country kitchen.

Each of our high-quality countertops are crafted specifically to your kitchen’s dimensions. Starting with the finest FAS and Select grade lumber, we craft a plank countertop by gluing wood of varying widths from 3” – 6” together. The first and last boards may be less than 3". The countertop is then given a rough cut on the edge up to 1” deep to simulate a live edge countertop. To create a truly custom piece, you can choose from our various wood species and thicknesses from 1” – 1-3/4”.

The ordered size is the maximum overall size and the dimensions may decrease up to 1" all around. For example, a rustic edge countertop that is ordered at 24" x 60" may have a 22" width and a 58" length in some areas.

The end result is a one of a kind finish and a countertop that will “wow” your guests. Be on your way to replacing your tired, old kitchen countertop with the Country Mouldings Rustic Edge hand-scraped wood countertop today! Head over to our online store to get your instant quotation or to place your order.

Please note, the intricate cuts on the side and edges of the Rustic Edge countertops can be a little porous and rough, even after a finish is applied.

Finish Choices

Unfinished: Your block will not have a finish when you receive it. Please apply any appropriate finish for your application.

Mineral Oil: This is the correct choice if you will be preparing or cutting food on your countertop. We apply two coats of food grade mineral oil to all surfaces. You will need to reapply food safe mineral oil on a regular basis.

Conversion Varnish: This 45 sheen semi gloss finish is beautiful and durable. We apply three coats of our catalyzed conversion varnish to the top surface and two coats everywhere else. It does not require regular reapplication. Conversion varnish is not appropriate if you will be preparing or cutting food on the countertop.

  • Made using only FAS and Select grade lumber
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Unique, rustic edge
  • "Live Edge" look
  • Hand Scraped
  • Rugged, sturdy construction
  • Random width planks
  • Face grain
  • Any size available, up to 1-3/4" thick, 7 feet wide and 15 feet long
  • Unfinished

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Note: The picture on this page shows a prefinished hand scraped rustic edge countertop. It is meant to show the rustic edge. It does not necessarily show the wood or finish you will receive.

Unfinished rustic edge countertops ship in two weeks. Prefinished ship in three.

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