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Butcher Block and Plank Installation Guidelines

While butcher blocks are discussed here, the same information applies to plank countertops.

The information below is required for a proper installation, but these are not complete installation instructions. Please consult a professional installer for complete instructions specific to your situation.

Blocks must be sealed, finished and installed within 10 days of receipt. Finishing information can be found here.

Butcher blocks should be screwed down from underneath in the four corners and every 12" to 18" around the perimeter. Pre-drill the screw holes and use wood screws. Screws should go into about 75% of the thickness of the block. Overhangs of more than 6" require skirt boards or L-Brackets. The L-Brackets should extend under at least 75% of the overhang and come within 6" of the edge of the block. The L-Brackets should be placed close to the sides and every 12" to 18" along the overhang. If you are using posts or legs to support your top, skirt board must be used around the perimeter.

Adhesive should never be used to attach your block. Wood naturally expands and contracts and your installation must allow for this.

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