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Butcher Block Care

Wood Butcher Block Care for Your Countertops: A Quick Primer!

If you aren't afraid of a little elbow grease, then go with butcher block countertops when remodeling your kitchen. These add to the personality of the space and prove to be an inexpensive yet long lasting investment that pays up many times over. Butcher block countertops will enhance any decor.

Butcher block countertops ordered with our conversion varnish, or finished on site with a long lasting finish, such as polyurethane, are very easy to clean. Just use a mild soap and water solution, or a vinegar and water solution, about a half cup of vinegar per gallon of water. Always use coasters and wipe up spills immediately.

The rest of this page applies mainly to butcher blocks that are finished with food grade mineral oil.

Yes, you will have to invest some time into wood butcher block care, but fortunately there is very little effort involved. Keeping it clean and well oiled will help the butcher board countertops last for ages.

Ensure the Cleanliness of Your Butcher Block Countertops

The cleaning tips below should NOT be used for butcher block countertops finished with our conversion varnish or another long lasting finish, such as polyurethane.

Wood, when not well taken care of, gets blemished and discolored rather quickly. But no need to replace the countertops entirely. They can be returned to their former glory with a bit of TLC and some timely cleaning and precautions.

Prevent wood staining by cleaning all the food waste from on top of it in a timely manner. Next, scrub the block with soap and remove excess moisture by wiping it clean with a towel.

It's also a great idea to disinfect your wood butcher block countertops at regular intervals. Instead of using bleach, try undiluted vinegar. In fact, keep a spray bottle of the stuff handy to disinfectant the countertops and keep safe from dangerous bacteria after every use.

If you have already managed to stain the butcher block, worry not, mistakes do happen. We can get rid of these stubborn stains in the following ways:

Lemon and Salt: Sprinkle a bit of table salt over the stain and rub it in nicely with a lemon that's been cut in half. Let it soak in overnight and clean it off with a damp cloth.

Baking soda: Cover the discoloration with generous amounts of baking soda. Use the aforementioned elbow grease to work it into the countertop and leave it standing for an hour or two.

Sanding: Find some medium coarse sand paper and get scrubbing to get the stains out. Then use finer grits to make the board smooth like before.

Pamper Your Butcher Block Countertops

Once you are done cleaning your wood butcher block countertops, it is time to follow up with oil application no matter what your chosen method of stain removal is.

Mineral oil is great for making sure that your wood counter retains moisture and looks great for years to come. Liberally apply the oil by hand or with a rag. Let the oil stand for half an hour and then redistribute it as it may have been absorbed in some places. Let it stand for another half an hour before wiping it clean with a dry, clean rag. Don't forget to apply the oil on the sides, the edges and any exposed areas underneath.

All it takes is a bit of dedication and quick thinking to keep your butcher block countertops looking like new for ages.

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