Butcher Block Thoughts (and other things made of Wood)

How to Create a Modern Kitchen on Any Budget

How do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? Is it depressing to look at the same outdated space day after day? Your taste in home decor may have changed over the years leaving you lacking the excitement you once had. What your dream kitchen was 10 years ago, Read more

Rustic or Replaceable? Tips for Updating an Older Home

We can all appreciate the history and architecture of an old house. They have a craftsmanship unlike what you see in today’s modern home construction. Older homes have features that showcase an era of time gone by like unique hand-carved moulding or hand-crafted cabinets. You may walk into an older Read more

5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen for Under $10,000

Do you secretly fantasize about a new kitchen? Many of us do. The reality sets in when we start to create a budget or take a walk in the home improvement store. According to the site Remodeling, the national average for a major kitchen renovation costs a little over $54,000. Read more

Knotty Pine Wood Countertops

Imagine walking into a majestic log cabin. What would you see? The sweeping ceiling, the wood walls and grand fireplace greet you as you walk into the main area. It envelopes you and makes you instantly get the feeling of warmth. This type of rustic charm doesn’t have to be Read more

5 Ways to Create a Rustic Kitchen

When you think about a rustic kitchen, what do you see? Most people will agree that wood is a prominent theme in this style of kitchen. Whether it is used as the primary focus or just to add warmth and character to the space, the use of wood can transform Read more