Butcher Block Thoughts (and other things made of Wood)

Hickory Wood Countertops

Take a moment and think about your dream kitchen. What does it look like? More important, what does it look like ten years down the road? When designing your new kitchen, it’s easy to get wrapped up in choosing tile for the backsplash, paint for the walls and finding the Read more

Quote and Order Any Size Online at Country Mouldings

Millions of people shop online each year. You can buy anything from clothing to groceries in the comfort of your home with a few clicks of a mouse. At Country Mouldings, we wanted to offer our customers a very easy ordering process for any product and size. By offering our Read more

The Best Butcher Blocks

The time has come to renovate your kitchen. You have decided to replace your old kitchen counter with one of our beautiful butcher block countertops. The next question is – what wood should you choose? There are many factors in choosing the best butcher block for your kitchen and the Read more

Happy Holidays!

The stockings are hung on the fireplace, the tree is lit and the feeling of the holidays can warm up even the coldest weather. We hope that you are enjoying the magic of the holiday season with your family and friends as we are with ours. We would like to Read more

American Cherry Wood Countertops

Have you been dreaming about updating your kitchen countertops? It’s no secret that most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchen. We cook, entertain and socialize there. A kitchen is the heart of a home and there is no better way to honor it than with new Read more

Add Beauty and Warmth to Your Kitchen With Walnut Countertops

Walnut has long been a prized wood. Since colonial times, walnut has been used to add warmth and beauty to American homes. Walnut is used in many applications from furniture to musical instruments. The heartwood of walnut is rich chocolate brown, while the sapwood has a creamy white color which Read more