Add Beauty and Warmth to Your Kitchen With Walnut Countertops

Walnut butcher block countertop prefinished with catalyzed conversion varnish
Walnut has long been a prized wood. Since colonial times, walnut has been used to add warmth and beauty to American homes. Walnut is used in many applications from furniture to musical instruments. The heartwood of walnut is rich chocolate brown, while the sapwood has a creamy white color which adds to its allure. Carpenters and craftsmen prize this wood because it is easy to work with and its natural beauty and the color is long lasting.

At Country Mouldings, we also love to use walnut in our countertops, mouldings and other wood products. Our walnut wood countertops can add subtle warmth to any kitchen. Walnut countertops are offered as edge grain butcher block, end grain butcher block and plank style.

Benefits of Walnut Countertops

Walnut hardwood has the unique ability to transform and add warmth and richness to many spaces, especially in the kitchen. The trend in homes the last few years is to use stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel can cast a cold, industrial feel. By using walnut wood countertops, you can turn a stainless kitchen into a rustic retreat.

Walnut countertops are not only beautiful, but durable. Walnut is extremely stable and does not shrink and swell the same as other woods. It’s also shock resistant and resilient. Walnut wood countertops don’t need a layer of stain to enhance their natural beauty, a clear finish or mineral oil will suit them just fine.

The Country Mouldings Difference

Country Mouldings creates quality walnut wood countertops made by skilled craftsmen. We offer custom sizes and finishes to fit any kitchen. For our walnut countertops, we use only Select and FAS grade lumber. Walnut is a popular choice for our end grain butcher block countertops and plank countertops. These countertops are offered in prefinished with a catalyzed conversion varnish, prefinished with food grade mineral oil or unfinished, allowing you to apply your own choice finish.

Country Mouldings walnut countertops are easy to order and to install. Instead of waiting for a contractor or big box store to quote you a custom price, you can get quote from us instantly online.

The Best Kitchens for Walnut Wood Countertops

Because of the unique color and grain, Country Mouldings walnut wood countertops work in a variety of kitchens.

Modern Kitchen With a Rustic Twist
The warmth and character found in walnut wood countertops can complement and add a rustic warmth to a cold kitchen. Because of the chocolate brown color of walnut, it complements with many color schemes and provides a great contrast with lighter colored woods used in today’s modern kitchen.

Country Kitchen
Walnut wood countertops, especially butcher block, are perfect for a traditional country kitchen. Many homeowners use cranberry red, hunter green or plaid patterns when decorating their kitchen. Walnut countertops can be the perfect complement to this color scheme and add to the rustic charm of the space.

Minimalist Kitchen
Because walnut has unique characteristics and a beautiful rich color, it can easily become the focal point of the room. Walnut wood countertops can create a powerful statement in monotone white kitchen and doesn’t need accessories to complete the space.

As you can see, walnut wood countertops can transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary! We invite you to get an instant quote for your walnut wood countertops in our online store. In just a few seconds, you can start the process of creating your dream kitchen!

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