Prized for Strength and Beauty – Brazilian Cherry Countertops Can Transform Your Kitchen

Brazilian Cherry wood countertops
Brazilian Cherry is used in many homes, giving a rich warm glow to any room. Despite its name, the Brazilian Cherry hardwood is not from a cherry tree at all. Its rich reddish tones are reminiscent of an American Cherry, but in fact it is actually Jatoba. This wood originally comes from Brazilian rainforests, but is also found in other regions of South America in moist tropical climates. Many times this wood is used as a less expensive alternative to using teak and is sought after by discerning homeowners who want an expensive looking finish.

Why Brazilian Cherry Countertops

Brazilian Cherry is an extremely hard wood and also very beautiful. Its unique reddish hue sets it apart from other woods. Like a fine wine, Brazilian Cherry Countertops also get better with age. When Brazilian Cherry is fresh cut, the color may vary and appear lighter. After a finish is applied and with time, the color deepens into a deep reddish color. Brazilian Cherry countertops are prized for their strength and durability. For the same reasons it makes for a difficult wood to work with, it creates a resilient piece that will stand the test of time in your kitchen.

Why Country Mouldings

Brazilian Cherry tops the chart as one of the hardest woods we carry at Country Mouldings. Here, our Brazilian Cherry Countertops are crafted from only the finest Select and FAS grade lumber. Skilled craftsmen, experienced with working with the eccentricities of this wood, craft these countertops slowly, piece by piece. As many choose Brazilian Cherry because of the expensive look it portrays, the quality we offer matches the customers’ expectations. These countertops can come prefinished or unfinished. They are offered in edge grain with thicknesses up to 4-1/2”. Brazilian Cherry Butcher Block Countertops are offered in standard and custom sizes. No matter what customizations you choose, you won’t be disappointed installing one of these beautiful Brazilian Cherry countertops in your kitchen.

Styling Your Brazilian Cherry Countertops

Modern Kitchen: Brazilian Cherry is commonly used in modern and trendy kitchens. The rich red color and interesting grain makes this a perfect fit in a modern kitchen with stainless appliances and brightly colored walls. Chrome, glass and lacquer furniture and accessories found in modern kitchens blend well with the aesthetic of Brazilian Cherry countertops.

Traditional and Timeless: Many homeowners with more traditional styles also opt for Brazilian Cherry in their kitchens. Even though it is a great fit for the modern kitchen, when used with traditional or antique furnishings and fixtures, it can transform a space into a different era of class and distinction.

Would you like to update the look in your kitchen to feature our beautiful Brazilian Cherry Countertops? You can receive an instant quote from us and be on your way to transforming your kitchen!