Avoiding a DIY Disaster and How Country Mouldings Can Help

Have you ever watched a DIY show on HGTV or pined over a project you saw on Pinterest or DIY blogs and think – “I can do that”. For some of you who can follow directions and know your way around power tools, DIY renovations can save you money and give you a chance to showcase your inner handyman (or handywoman). For those of you who lack coordination or the other necessary skills to complete a major project, they can become a hassle and a budget buster, costing you more than it would to have it done professionally in the first place.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to build something for your home. It’s an amazing feeling to look at something day after day that you built with your own two hands and feel a sense of pride. There also is nothing worse than staring at it day after day and wondering – “why did I ever do that? I wish I would have hired a professional.” We hope that your next DIY project is successful, so here are some tips to avoid an epic DIY disaster!

Know Your Limitations

If you have never picked up a screwdriver, a full custom kitchen renovation shouldn’t be your end game. It’s not that we want to discourage you, but there are a lot of things that can go terribly wrong. Forget the fact that you have no idea how to use power tools, wood can be finicky. Start small with your DIY projects.

Painting a chalkboard wall – go for it! Installing a pull out drawer in your cabinet – absolutely! Crafting a custom kitchen – No. At least not yet. Work your way up to larger projects. Was the Sistine Chapel’s Michelangelo’s first time at the rodeo? No. It takes years to work your way up to a major renovation.

Many DIY’ers think that custom pieces are expensive and would rather make their own. The trouble is there is a lot of tools and training behind making a custom piece. Especially custom countertops, stair treads and flooring that we manufacture here at Country Mouldings. We use special tools, premium woods and commercial grade varnishes. There is also decades of experience behind the skilled woodworkers crafting these pieces. Some things are best left to the professionals.

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Or Just Skip The Cutting All Together and Order The Size You Need

Stop! Back away from the power tools! Are you absolutely sure that it’s 1-3/8” inch or was that 1-5/8”? When you are cutting wood and other materials, measurements are crucial. It makes the difference of your sink sitting perfectly on your countertop or it falling through to your cabinet below. Always measure twice (or even three times) and cut once. Even better – measure twice and order it custom in the size you need. Our instant online quotations and ordering lets you have your piece in the exact measurements you want it with little to no cutting involved. We find that most DIY disasters can be avoided by keeping things simple. When you receive your countertop from us, you can simply install it.

You Can’t Fix Ugly

There is a reason why custom countertops cost money. The quality is hard to replicate by a weekend warrior. Unfortunately many people who try DIY countertops either end up hating them or ripping them out and starting over with a store bought countertop. It’s hard to fix these mistakes after they happen, so why not save the hassle and order a custom countertop from us. There are other projects in your home that you can invest your time and money in.

Complete the DIY project you have dreamed of with our custom countertops, stair treads and mouldings. We make your DIY project easy with offering custom sizes and wood choices. Your countertops and stair treads come custom to your space and ready to install. Order our prefinished wood items to save time and money staining.

Did you have a DIY disaster of your own to share? Can you offer some tips to the new DIY’er? Share with us in the comments below.