Knotty Pine Wood Countertops

Knotty Pine wood countertops

Imagine walking into a majestic log cabin. What would you see? The sweeping ceiling, the wood walls and grand fireplace greet you as you walk into the main area. It envelopes you and makes you instantly get the feeling of warmth. This type of rustic charm doesn’t have to be reserved for a log cabin in the mountains; you can take elements from this look and use it in your home. Are you looking to infuse your kitchen with some rustic charm? Country Mouldings knotty pine countertops are a great addition to a country home, or modern home that wishes it was in the country.

What is Knotty Pine?

Knotty pine is a wood with tons of character. It is light in color with tight knots throughout. The sapwood of knotty pine varies from pale yellow to nearly white, while the heartwood is light to reddish brown. The grain of knotty pine is straight with a fine, even texture.

It’s important to note that knotty pine is a very soft wood that needs to be handled with care. Choosing knotty pine for your countertops will add beauty and charm to your space, but they are better suited for a kitchen that doesn’t see a lot of traffic. Country Mouldings knotty pine countertops are perfect for a second home or in a kitchen that doesn’t get a lot of use.

Why Choose Country Mouldings Knotty Pine Countertops?

At Country Mouldings, we take pride in every wood product that leaves our factory. Our countertops are no exception. You will instantly see the difference in quality. Our countertops are crafted by skilled woodworkers in our Ohio factory. Most of the woods we use, including knotty pine are harvested locally and are of the finest quality. When you purchase a knotty pine countertop from Country Mouldings, you have a one of a kind work of art made custom for your kitchen.

Your knotty pine countertops can be finished or unfinished. For our finished countertop, we apply three coats of a catalyzed commercial grade varnish. This process adds strength and durability to the piece. It also allows the natural beauty of the knotty pine countertops to shine through. We know that when receive your countertops, you will fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

Styling Your Country Mouldings Knotty Pine Countertops

Although today’s modern homes may rebel against the imperfections of knotty pine, many homeowners embrace it due to its unique characteristics. Discerning homeowners who wish to create a rustic retreat within their home turn to knotty pine to add country charm.

Knotty pine countertops can add warmth to many spaces. Although traditionally used in country homes, knotty pine can also bring a natural element into a modern kitchen as well. Just picture an all-white kitchen with lacquer cabinets in a city loft. Using a knotty pine countertop will add warmth and a unique characteristic to that space.

A knotty pine countertop is a great addition to a kitchen in a second home, especially a mountain cabin. For people who love the vintage era, knotty pine was widely used in wood panelled walls mid-century. For homeowners wanting to restore a vintage inspired kitchen without losing the original charm, knotty pine wood countertops can complement the space without looking outdated.

At Country Mouldings, we make creating a beautiful kitchen simple. From our instant online quotation to our one click ordering, you can start building your dream kitchen today.