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Hickory Stair Tread

Is there anything more welcoming than an elegantly simple, hardwood staircase? In many two-story homes, the first view that greets anyone who crosses your threshold is the staircase in the foyer. It's no wonder homeowners dream of replacing their worn, homely carpeted steps with clean, smooth hardwood stair treads. After all, a hardwood staircase can be rustic and inviting, with warm woods and painted risers, or rich and traditional, with deeply gleaming wood tones.

At Country Mouldings, you'll be amazed at how simple it will be to choose precisely the right premium hardwood to match your vision, and to complete your custom order with the help of our experts. All stair treads are made to order, each created meticulously by experienced woodworkers who take great pride in their work.

Why Hardwood Stair Treads?

Durable and Strong
The use and wear on a set of steps inside a bustling home filled with chatter, laughter, and comings and goings can be, well, abundant. Upgrading your home's staircase with hardwood treads is a true investment: you will have something that will last, something that will hold up over years and years of constant use, something that will only continue to deepen in charm and beauty.

Warm and Inviting
Classic is the new modern: home upgrade trends show a firm movement towards high-quality features that are built to last, made from natural materials, and designed to give a home a welcoming warmth along with a timeless feel. Premium hardwood stair treads fulfill this trend perfectly.

Whether you choose a pale, blond wood like Beech to lighten a room; a warm, cozy reddish wood like American or Brazilian Cherry; or the deep, rich, traditional of Mahogany wood, natural hardwoods add a glow to any home.

Truly One-of-a-Kind
Our unfinished wood stair treads are 1" thick, and can be made in nearly any width and length. Choose from premium hardwoods including American Cherry or Brazilian Cherry, Ash, Beech, Hard Maple or Soft Maple, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Poplar, Red Oak or Quartersawn Red Oak, White Oak or Quartersawn White Oak, Spanish Cedar, and Walnut - or ask us if you don't see the wood you're looking for.

With the exception of the beautifully rustic Knotty Alder and Knotty Pine hardwoods, we use only FAS and Select Grade lumber for Country Moulding's stair treads. Every order is custom made upon receipt, with painstaking attention paid to every detail, resulting in a top quality product every time. And in a world of duplication, the natural variations in tone, heartwood, and grains of real hardwoods means that your stair treads will be completely unique, truly one-of-a-kind.

Extensive Selection of Hardwoods

American Cherry Wood Stair TreadsAmerican Cherry Wood Stair Tread

American Cherry: American Cherry has a simple, smooth grain and is known for its beautiful rich colors. American Cherry heartwood varies from red to reddish brown tones that deepen with age. The sapwood is creamy white. American Cherry wood stair treads offer a look to a room that is both simple and elegant!
Ash Wood Stair TreadsAsh Wood Stair Tread

Ash: Our Ash wood stair treads have a heartwood color that is natural blond to various shades of brown, while the sapwood varies from light to nearly white. Ash wood stair treads have grain that is similar to Red Oak. Your Ash stair tread looks great with a clear coat finish, and will also look very nice with a variety of different stains, both light and dark!
Beech Wood Stair TreadsBeech Wood Stair Tread

Beech: Beech is hard and has elastic properties that make it a good choice for high-traffic areas, such as the floors in factories and gymnasiums. The heartwood of our Beech wood stair treads vary from pale brown to reddish brown and the sapwood is pale white.
Brazilian Cherry Wood Stair TreadsBrazilian Cherry Wood Stair Tread

Brazilian Cherry: Brazilian Cherry is the densest wood we offer and makes a spectacular stair tread! The lumber we use for our Brazilian Cherry wood stair treads is imported from Brazil and the species is known for its extreme strength and durability. The heartwood color of our Brazilian Cherry wood stair treads range from brown to reddish brown tones that will darken as the wood ages. Brazilian Cherry has a grayish white sapwood color.
Hard Maple Wood Stair TreadsHard Maple Wood Stair Tread

Hard Maple: Hard Maple is an exceptionally strong hardwood with a simple, interesting grain. Hard Maple is used for many purposes due to its resistance to abrasion and wear. The sapwood color is pale creamy white and the heartwood ranges from a yellowish-white to shades of light tan. Hard Maple wood stair treads may contain some brown, but it will be minimal. Your Hard Maple wood stair tread will look terrific with a clear finish!
Hickory Wood Stair TreadsHickory Wood Stair Tread

Hickory: Hickory is known as America's strongest hardwood and is admired for its dramatic white and brown color variations. Hickory wood stair treads have a tan to brown heartwood color, while the contrasting sapwood color is white. Hickory is a very dense wood and is an excellent choice for a stair tread!
Knotty Alder Wood Stair TreadsKnotty Alder Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Alder: Our Knotty Alder wood stair treads may vary in color from a pale brown to honey color heartwood with reddish tones. The sapwood color is nearly white. Grain variations and knots of all types and sizes are typical in Knotty Alder wood stair treads. Knotty Alder often has small and large split knots and open knots that may go completely through the wood.
Knotty Pine Wood Stair TreadsKnotty Pine Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Pine: Knotty Pine wood stair treads have a light yellowish sapwood color to a dark reddish brown heartwood. Knotty Pine is a lightweight wood, characterized by a straight grain and a fine, even texture. While knots are prevalent in the wood, the knots tend to be small and tight, giving the wood the signature rustic look that pine is so well known for.
Mahogany Wood Stair TreadsMahogany Wood Stair Tread

Mahogany: Mahogany's heartwood is an attractive, pale pinkish brown to dark reddish brown while the sapwood is a sharply contrasted white. Mahogany wood stair treads are exceptionally stable and decay resistant.
Poplar Wood Stair TreadsPoplar Wood Stair Tread

Poplar: Poplar's sapwood is creamy white and the heartwood varies from pale yellowish brown to a greenish color that generally turns brown with exposure to light. Occasional dark purple streaks may also occur in Poplar. A Poplar wood stair tread is a great choice to stain or to paint!
Quartersawn Red Oak Wood Stair TreadsQuartersawn Red Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn Red Oak: Quartersawn Red Oak wood stair treads look similar to Red Oak in color, but have a flaked grain. It is these flakes that will give your Quartersawn Red Oak wood stair tread a very appealing look! The sapwood is white to light brown and the heartwood has warm, reddish brown tones.
Quartersawn White Oak Wood Stair TreadsQuartersawn White Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn White Oak: Quartersawn White Oak wood stair treads are flaked in appearance with a color similar to White Oak. Quartersawn White Oak has a light to dark brown heartwood and a light to white sapwood. Quartersawn White Oak is a very stable wood and makes an excellent wood stair tread, with or without a stain!
Red Oak Wood Stair TreadsRed Oak Wood Stair Tread

Red Oak: Red Oak is a versatile and durable hardwood with a very distinctive grain pattern that adds to its prominent appearance. Our Red Oak wood stair treads vary in color, ranging from light reddish tan heartwood to almost white sapwood. Red Oak wood stair treads have always been a best seller!
Soft Maple Wood Stair TreadsSoft Maple Wood Stair Tread

Soft Maple: Soft Maple wood stair treads look very similar to Hard Maple, but are a little more white in color and are less dense. Soft Maple wood stair treads have a white sapwood and mild brown heartwood, although brown shades may be minimal. Soft Maple wood stair treads look great with a clear finish!
Spanish Cedar Wood Stair TreadsSpanish Cedar Wood Stair Tread

Spanish Cedar: Along with Spanish Cedar's pleasant, familiar cedar scent, it is also well known for its excellent stability and weathering qualities. Spanish Cedar wood stair treads generally has straight, fine grain with a reddish brown heartwood color. The sapwood is light pink to white.
Walnut Wood Stair TreadsWalnut Wood Stair Tread

Walnut: Walnut wood stair treads have a rich, warm, chocolate brown heartwood color. The sapwood is creamy white. Our Walnut wood stair treads will add an elegant, modern look to any room!
White Oak Wood Stair TreadsWhite Oak Wood Stair Tread

White Oak: White Oak wood stair treads have a gray-brown heartwood color that is appealing to many. Generally, the sapwood is light in color. White Oak wood stair treads have always been very popular and look great with a clear finish or with a stain!