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Types of Wood Stair Treads

Replacing the stair treads in a home can be a necessary repair or upgrade - or a dramatic yet affordable visual renovation. As a do-it-yourself project, replacing stair treads in your home can be a highly satisfying low-cost, high-impact transformation. As in all home renovation undertakings, you'll want to choose the best quality materials to ensure that your hard work holds up over the years.

Our stair treads are all made of top quality hardwoods; only FAS and select grade lumber are used (except for Knotty Alder and Knotty Pine). They are not engineered and do not have veneers. You'll find a wide selection of durable and beautiful woods to choose from, in every style and thickness we offer, all offered in both unfinished and prefinished styles.

You might be looking to replace some old, dented and gouged stairs, or to upgrade your tired-looking carpeted or linoleum-covered steps - or you might be planning a whole new look for your entryway, one that includes gorgeous wood steps on that open-air staircase. Either way, you'll need to know a little about the different types of stair treads available: replacement, full thickness, and extra thick. Which style suits your needs?

Replacement Stair Treads

When all you need is a simple, utilitarian stair tread - for example, to upgrade your carpeted steps - a replacement stair tread may be your answer. Also called retro fit treads, replacement treads have a 3/4" body - a small strip is glued to the front to make a full 1" bullnose. They are designed to fit over existing stairs and allow the bullnose (the piece at the front of each tread) to cover the front of each existing step.

These are an affordable option, available in prefinished and unfinished styles, perfect for replacing lots of steps at once, or making needed repairs to utility stairways. The ability to simply attach this style of stair tread over the existing tread saves you the step of removing old treads and perhaps uncovering further needed repairs.

Full Thickness Stair Treads

Full thickness stair treads, at a uniform thickness of 1", are a popular choice of tread style due to their strength and visual appeal. They are an excellent, versatile choice for most stair tread replacement projects. Constructed by gluing boards from front to back and applying a full bullnose to the front of each tread, these are excellent all-purpose, sturdy treads.

Consider full thickness for non-open staircases (with risers), in any room of the house; they are both beautiful and functional. They can be stained or finished to blend with the rest of the home's tones, or they can be painted before being installed. These all-wood treads not only make your staircase look strong and durable, they back the aesthetic up with long-lasting quality. Available in prefinished and unfinished styles.

Extra Thick Stair Treads

If you are building or replacing steps in an open staircase, you will want to look at extra thick stair treads. Carefully consider the visibility of all aspects of your staircase and its individual treads: are only the front edges and step surfaces visible, such as on a staircase against a wall, with storage or furnishings underneath it? Or is your open staircase a central part of the room, with room for guests to walk beneath it - and look up?

For many open staircases, you will be able to use Grade 1S of treads where the underside is not designed to be seen - it will still be planed smooth, but not sanded or finished completely. If, however, your open staircase is the centerpiece of the room, and visible from underneath, you will want to choose Grade 2S, where all sides, including the undersides are visually appealling.

Extra thick stair treads are available in 1-1/4", 1-1/2", or 1-3/4" thicknesses. These treads are made by gluing wood boards from front to back; the boards are solid from top to bottom. Available in prefinished and unfinished styles.

Whatever your needs, our extensive selection of woods, finishes, and thicknesses means you can find the perfect, premium quality hardwood stair tread here. Every tread is slowly and carefully manufactured, resulting in a piece that will add beauty and elegance to any home.