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Prefinished Wood Choices

Prefinishing Shop
Country Mouldings offers prefinishing on all mouldings, stair treads and most other products. Three coats of a 45 sheen commercial grade conversion varnish are applied. A catalyzer is added to the varnish for a surface that is hard and durable. Careful attention is paid throughout the finishing process. Natural, clear finishes on most species are shown below. Staining is also available and our color choices can be viewed here. Custom color matching is available as well. Whether you choose a natural finish or a stain, rest assured that your countertops, mouldings, stair treads and other wood products will look spectacular!
A note about images: Images of wood shown on this website may not always give an accurate representation of the wood you will receive. We have made a good faith effort to show an image that looks like the actual wood, but many factors can affect the image you see on your monitor or in print. Differences in monitors, monitor settings, lighting and printers can all affect how an image looks. Also, wood is a natural material and no two pieces look exactly the same.

Prefinished Hickory

Hickory is very dense and is America's strongest hardwood. Hickory has a white sapwood, while the heartwood is tan to brown. Hickory's extreme contrast between the heartwood and sapwood make it easy to differentiate from other wood species. Prefinished Hickory is available for all casings, baseboards, crowns and other mouldings. Prefinished Hickory is also available for all stair treads, risers and other stair parts, as well as butcher blocks and most other products.
Prefinished Hickory

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All of the above prefinished choices are available for mouldings, stair treads and most other products. Besides what is shown above, we have many other stain colors and types of wood. Custom color matching is also offered. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us with your request. There is a good chance we will have it.