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Prefinished Knotty Pine Plank Countertop

Accentuate a rustic, country appearance with our prefinished Knotty Pine plank countertops. The sapwood of prefinished Knotty Pine is nearly white to pale yellow, and the heartwood is light to reddish brown. Prefinished Knotty Pine is soft textured and contains knots throughout.

Prefinished Knotty Pine wood plank countertops are available in any size up to 1-3/4" thick, 84" wide and 180" long. Our prefinished Knotty Pine plank countertops are slowly and carefully manufactured. This is a premium quality face grain plank countertop that will add beauty and value to your home.

Prefinished plank countertops feature boards of random widths running the lenghth of the countertop. The boards are glued side by side and vary in width between 3" and 6". The first and last board may be less than 3" wide.

Prefinished plank countertops are offered with our commercial grade conversion varnish or food safe mineral oil. If the countertop will not be used for food preparation, conversion varnish is the recommended choice.