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Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop

We use African Mahogany for our butcher block countertops. Enjoy the warm appearance of our Mahogany butcher block countertops. Mahogany undergos a wide variety of color changes beginning when it is freshly cut until it fully ages. The sapwood of Mahogany is light, while the heartwood ranges from light to deep reddish-brown in color, which darkens as the wood matures. Mahogany has a medium to coarse texture, and is normally straight grained. Mahogany is very durable and has excellent workability!

Mahogany wood butcher block countertops are available in any size up to 4-1/2" thick, 84" wide and 142" long. Our Mahogany butcher block countertops are slowly and carefully manufactured. This is a premium quality edge grain butcher block countertop that will add beauty and value to your home.
Note: The image on this page shows a prefinished butcher block. However, the butcher blocks on this page are sold unfinished.