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Replacement Stair Treads

Are you tired of your ordinary, carpeted staircase? Would you like the look of real wood stairs without the cost and mess of having to re-build your entire staircase? If so, then you need to consider adding replacement stair treads to your home.

What are replacement stair treads?

Replacement stair treads, also called retro stair treads, are made of real hardwood and are designed to fit right over your existing treads. That means if your staircase is currently carpeted with plywood underneath, all we have to do to give you an elegant, real hardwood staircase is to pull up the carpet and fit the new, wood treads over the existing plywood. We don't have to tear down and re-build your entire staircase. In most cases, your staircase can be transformed from tired to terrific in just one day. Each tread has a bullnose that is 1" thick and 1-1/4" deep. The remaining body is 3/4" thick. These replacement treads are available in almost any width and length.

Benefits of replacement stair treads

In addition to the ease of construction, replacement stair treads offer a number of benefits. Among these are...

One of the chief benefits of adding replacement stair treads to your home is the warmth and beauty they add to your room. In most homes, your staircase is one of the first things guests see of your home. A real wood staircase makes an inviting and positive first impression.

Hardwood adapts to virtually any architectural style or design motif. You can choose from a variety of hardwood species, from dark, rich cherry to honey-colored maple to rustic pine.

Replacement stair treads offer the durability of real wood. Unlike carpet which can wear and stain, hardwood will last for decades.

Just like a hardwood floor, each staircase fitted with replacement stair treads is unique. That's because no two pieces of wood are exactly alike. Each stair tread is hand-crafted, so you can be sure that the workmanship is first rate.

Easy maintenance
In addition to being beautiful and long-lasting, hardwood stair treads are easy to take care of. All you have to do to keep them looking their best is sweep them regularly and clean them with a damp mop. Stains wipe up easily and most species of hardwood resist wear from traffic (unlike carpet.)

Added value
Updating your tired, carpeting staircase to a hardwood staircase with replacement stair treads will make your home more attractive to buyers when it comes time to put your home on the market. In a sea of similar homes, your beautiful staircase could be that one thing that buyers really notice.

Extensive Selection of Hardwoods

American Cherry Replacement Stair TreadsAmerican Cherry Replacement Stair Tread

American Cherry: American Cherry's ability to sand and finish to a high gloss makes it a preferred hardwood for traditional settings in any home. The gorgeous, rich reddish-brown heartwood, with the lighter, creamy white sapwood, results in a head-turning wood. American Cherry is a strong, medium-weight hardwood with a fine texture and even grain that lends an air of elegance anywhere it is used
Ash Replacement Stair TreadsAsh Replacement Stair Tread

Ash: Ash, a medium-weight hardwood, is a perfect go-to wood for nearly any use. It is an excellent utility wood: it sands and finishes beautifully, and its even, straight grain holds a stain splendidly. It is a light brown color with a medium to coarse texture, and has excellent strength for its weight.
Beech Replacement Stair TreadsBeech Replacement Stair Tread

Beech: An excellent, all-purpose wood, Beech hardwood is a true workhorse. This heavy-weight wood is strong, durable, and showcases any stain wonderfully. Unstained, it has a light to medium brown heartwood, with a creamy white sapwood. Beech has an even grain and a fine texture that finishes beautifully.
Brazilian Cherry Replacement Stair TreadsBrazilian Cherry Replacement Stair Tread

Brazilian Cherry: Brazilian Cherry hardwood varies from a light, orange-tinted brown, to a deep, reddish-brown. The rich colors have a timeless appeal, plus a natural luster that will add instant warmth to any room. This strong, sturdy heavy-weight hardwood has an interlocking grain, a medium to coarse texture, and is very hard and durable.
Hard Maple Replacement Stair TreadsHard Maple Replacement Stair Tread

Hard Maple: Hard Maple has a fine texture and a straight grain that pairs beautifully with its pale, blond color. The cream-colored sapwood is used for Hard Maple, which is also sometimes called Sugar Maple or Rock Maple. This heavy-weight hardwood is especially well-suited for use in the kitchen - such as for butcher block countertops - due to the fact that it will not impart any flavor or odor to food.
Hickory Replacement Stair TreadsHickory Replacement Stair Tread

Hickory: Hickory is the hardest wood available for commercial sale. This strong, heavy-weight hardwood has a coarse texture and a grain that is most often straight, but can be wavy. The color profile varies from a creamy light brown to a richer reddish-brown. A classic, sturdy, all-purpose wood.
Knotty Alder Replacement Stair TreadsKnotty Alder Replacement Stair Tread

Knotty Alder: Our Knotty Alder wood stair treads may vary in color from a pale brown to honey color heartwood with reddish tones. The sapwood color is nearly white. Grain variations and knots of all types and sizes are typical in Knotty Alder wood stair treads. Knotty Alder often has small and large split knots and open knots that may go completely through the wood.
Knotty Pine Replacement Stair TreadsKnotty Pine Replacement Stair Tread

Knotty Pine: Knotty Pine's small knots, found throughout the wood, add a rustic, all-natural appearance to this light-weight hardwood. Knotty Pine is a pale brown wood, with yellow undertones, and features a fine texture and a straight grain. A stable, strong, very durable wood.
Mahogany Replacement Stair TreadsMahogany Replacement Stair Tread

Mahogany: A well-known, elegant hardwood, Mahogany is also very sturdy and easy to work with. Mahogany's rich, reddish brown tones polish to a high reddish shine when finished, and will darken and deepen with time. This medium-weight wood is always a popular choice for furniture, paneling, and cabinets. Straight, fine, even grain.
Poplar Replacement Stair TreadsPoplar Replacement Stair Tread

Poplar: Poplar is a top choice for an easy-to-work-with hardwood, particularly in utility applications. It is a light-weight hardwood with a very uniform, straight grain and a fine texture. The light yellowish tan coloring of Poplar allows it to blend into, and brighten, any area of the home.
Quartersawn Red Oak Replacement Stair TreadsQuartersawn Red Oak Replacement Stair Tread

Quartersawn Red Oak: When cut specifically in a quartersawn style, Red Oak is even more stable and strong, and will show a very even grain. The hardwood itself has attractive reddish-brown tones, and stains and finishes very well. Red Oak is a medium-weight wood with a straight grain and coarse texture.
Quartersawn White Oak Replacement Stair TreadsQuartersawn White Oak Replacement Stair Tread

Quartersawn White Oak: White Oak, which is characterized by its strength and resistance to wear and tear, is made even more stable when cut in a quartersawn method. Its straight grain will be even more uniform, and the range of light to medium brown tones make this an attractive hardwood in any application. Quartersawn White Oak has a medium to coarse texture and is a heavy-weight wood.
Red Oak Replacement Stair TreadsRed Oak Replacement Stair Tread

Red Oak: Red Oak is a strong, hard, medium-weight wood whose pinkish brown hardwood makes it right at home in any room of the home. It is straight-grained, with a coarse texture, and finishes and stains well. An excellent choice for furniture, cabinets, flooring, and mouldings, it adds warmth and character to any piece.
Soft Maple Replacement Stair TreadsSoft Maple Replacement Stair Tread

Soft Maple: Soft Maple hardwood can be a chameleon; it can be stained to blend or even mimic other woods. This medium-weight wood, unstained, has a heartwood of light to medium brown, with reddish tones, and a nearly white sapwood. Its fine texture, straight grain, and strength makes it a useful wood for home decor.
Spanish Cedar Replacement Stair TreadsSpanish Cedar Replacement Stair Tread

Spanish Cedar: Often used for chests, closets, and storage areas, Spanish Cedar has a pleasant, distinctive scent not found in other woods. A strong, stable, light-weight hardwood, Spanish Cedar has a straight grain and a light pink to reddish brown tone, which will deepen over time.
Walnut Replacement Stair TreadsWalnut Replacement Stair Tread

Walnut: Walnut is a strong, beautiful hardwood that is a perfect choice when you want to add character and interest to any room. The rich, dark brown shades found in the heartwood, marked with figured shapes (such as curls and burls) in the grain, make this a true statement wood. The natural sheen of Walnut will deepen with age. A sturdy, medium-weight wood.
White Oak Replacement Stair TreadsWhite Oak Replacement Stair Tread

White Oak: A strong, wear-resistant hardwood, White Oak has a medium to coarse texture and is straight grained. While the heartwood can be anywhere from a light to dark brown, the wood can be stained to a wide range of colors and finishes. Polishes very well. This heavy-weight hardwood is also remarkably water-resistant.