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Prefinished Hand Scraped Replacement Stair Treads

Prefinished Hand Scraped Replacement Stair Tread

Prefinished hand scraped replacement stair treads are available in the following species of wood: American Cherry, Ash, Beech, Brazilian Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Poplar, Red Oak, Quartersawn Red Oak, White Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Spanish Cedar, and Walnut. Other types of wood are available upon request.

Availabe in almost any width and length, prefinished hand scraped replacement treads have a 1" thick nose that is 1-1/4" deep. The body is 3/4" thick.

Prefinished hand scraped relacement stair treads will add an old world charm to your home that is hard to match.

We use a 45 sheen commerical grade conversion varnish with catlayzer added. It is a beautiful, durable finish. Choose to have your hand scraped treads prestained for an even more unique look.

The hand scraped replacement stair treads on this page are prefinished. For other stair tread types, including unfinished, please visit wood stair parts.

American Cherry Wood Stair TreadsAmerican Cherry Wood Stair Tread

American Cherry: Known for its deep, appealing luster, American Cherry usually ranges from a pale almost pinkish tone to a reddish, tea colored brown at the heartwood. A very smooth surface is decorated with waves and flares in the grain.
Ash Wood Stair TreadsAsh Wood Stair Tread

Ash: Similar to White Oak in its lightness, Ash brings a slightly more yellowed appearance with the same hardness and durability. The color can range from a tan-tinted cream at the sapwood to a dark brown at the heartwood. Its grain is bolder than some other woods and varies from tight, regular patterns to occasional waves and flares.
Beech Wood Stair TreadsBeech Wood Stair Tread

Beech: Often a soft, golden white color, Beech can be paler towards the sapwood and a fine reddish brown deeper into the tree. Its grain is typically closed and straight with occasional outstretched ripples. Its texture is quite smooth and stays smooth over long periods of time.
Brazilian Cherry Wood Stair TreadsBrazilian Cherry Wood Stair Tread

Brazilian Cherry: In some ways similar to its American sibling, Brazilian Cherry is noticeably richer in both color and texture. Its sapwood often appears with a fine yellow or even light gray tone and the heartwood is stunning with a range of orange to light red. A very tight grain creates a surface that is coarse, complex, and deep.
Hard Maple Wood Stair TreadsHard Maple Wood Stair Tread

Hard Maple: Maple is one of the best hardwoods for long term or aggressive wear. Its light coloring ranges from milky to a slight amber brown but stays bright over the years. Maple has a naturally smooth texture and a grain that is quiet with wavy figuring.
Hickory Wood Stair TreadsHickory Wood Stair Tread

Hickory: A golden, toasted color is strongest with Hickory, ranging from pinkish cream to reddish tan. Slightly rough to the touch, Hickory's grain is patterned with circular waves of growth lines surrounded by tightly knit, long stretches.
Knotty Alder Wood Stair TreadsKnotty Alder Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Alder: Knotty Alder is a striking choice for doors, tables, and furniture because of its characteristic burl clusters and knots that sometimes reach straight through the boards. Its color ranges from a slight yellow to a rosy brown with a typically fine, straight grain. Similar to Knotty Pine, Alder creates a rustic, rough-hewn look that is both rich and textured. Knotty alder has open and closed knots. Some of the knots may go all the way through the wood.
Knotty Pine Wood Stair TreadsKnotty Pine Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Pine: Though softer than some woods, Knotty Pine creates a farmhouse look with strong character and complexity. Its dark knots dot the surface of the wood while the grain swirls around them. The result is a stark contrast between the smooth surface of the wood and the striking interruptions of burls.
Mahogany Wood Stair TreadsMahogany Wood Stair Tread

Mahogany: One of the best choices in terms of hardness and durability over time, Mahogany is a deep auburn that becomes richer as it ages. Extremely resistant to shock and wear, Mahogany has an elegant, long grain pattern of stripes and smooth streaks.
Poplar Wood Stair TreadsPoplar Wood Stair Tread

Poplar: Poplar's color can vary greatly within the tree. The sapwood is often white or blonde in color while the heartwood can be a toasted tan sometimes even grayish color. Mostly, a sandy tone is common. The grain is uniform and straight, reaching out in long streaks.
Quartersawn Red Oak Wood Stair TreadsQuartersawn Red Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn Red Oak: Almost rough to the touch, Red Oak features a color that can range from pinkish white at the sapwood to a deeper auburn at the heartwood. Because it is Quartersawn, the grains are tight, even, and straight but with flecks to add character. Quartersawn Red Oak, like flat sawn Red Oak, will darken over time but will be less likely to shrink or bend.
Quartersawn White Oak Wood Stair TreadsQuartersawn White Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn White Oak: Brightly colored, Quartersawn White Oak maintains an off-white or light brown color over its years. It is a strong, durable wood, particularly when quartersawn. The grain is closely knit with rays that may resemble tiger stripes across the grain. It is naturally resistant to certain threats like insects.
Red Oak Wood Stair TreadsRed Oak Wood Stair Tread

Red Oak: Coarse to the touch, Red Oak is known for how well it ages. Its hardness stands up to time as does its fine, straight grain. Its color ranges from almost white to a deep reddish brown towards the heartwood.
Soft Maple Wood Stair TreadsSoft Maple Wood Stair Tread

Soft Maple: Similar to White Oak, Maple is much lighter in color than many other woods, ranging from a fine cream to a slight blonde. Dense and extremely resistant to shock or impact, the grain of Maple is very subtle with occasional curls or bird's-eye figures adding variation to a soft, even texture.
Spanish Cedar Wood Stair TreadsSpanish Cedar Wood Stair Tread

Spanish Cedar: Spanish Cedar is typically pink or even peach in color though it can range as dark as brown sugar at the heartwood. Naturally fragrant, Spanish Cedar is also naturally resistant to dampness, rot, and certain insects. Its grain is subtle and wide, pouring out over the boards in waves.
Walnut Wood Stair TreadsWalnut Wood Stair Tread

Walnut: Often chosen by master woodworkers for its deep coffee colored luster, Walnut is just as often used for flooring or countertops for its resistance to shock and dents. Sapwood is often a light tan color and can be a sharp contrast to the much deeper, brown heartwood. Its grain is fine, straight with occasional burls and waves.
White Oak Wood Stair TreadsWhite Oak Wood Stair Tread

White Oak: Known for its consistent white almond color, White Oak has a long, open grain that features longer rays than Red Oak as well as swirls. Flat sawn White Oak has a grain that has long, textured lines and features a flared look.