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Hand Scraped Wood Stair Treads

Hand Scraped Wood Stair Tread

Hand scraped stair treads are available in the following species of wood: American Cherry, Ash, Beech, Brazilian Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Poplar, Red Oak, Quartersawn Red Oak, White Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Spanish Cedar, and Walnut. Other types of wood are available upon request.

The hand scraped wood stair treads on this page are 1" thick and available in almost any width and length.

Our skilled woodworkers carefully and slowly scrape each tread by hand, resulting in a rustic look that is sure to add charm and value to your home.

The hand scraped stair treads on this page are unfinished. For other stair tread types, including prefinished, please visit wood stair parts.

American Cherry Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped American Cherry Wood Stair Tread

American Cherry: American Cherry is distinct among hardwoods for its fine grain and satiny feel. The sapwood is cream colored, and the heartwood turns a rich red color over time., American Cherry is very resistant to shock and impact, making it perfect for tables and countertops. Over time, it holds on to its smooth texture and takes on a luster that is unmistakable and classic.
Ash Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Ash Wood Stair Tread

Ash: Ash has a grain that is most often long and tightly spaced but features flares of growth lines that create patterns of waves and curls. Despite variation between sapwood and heartwood, Ash is a lighter shade of light tans and toasted browns that darken over time. Despite heavy wear, Ash tends to retain its smooth, almost glassy surface.
Beech Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Beech Wood Stair Tread

Beech: Beech is an off-white wood at its sapwood and takes on an almost caramel color further in. Highly shock resistant and more elastic than many woods, Beech holds up against heavy wear and tread while retaining its smooth feel and texture.
Brazilian Cherry Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Brazilian Cherry Wood Stair Tread

Brazilian Cherry: Brazilian Cherry is similar to American Cherry in that the sapwood in both can be a pale cream, but unlike its cousin, the heartwood of Brazilian Cherry is often stained with pecan or even salmon tones of brown. It is also slightly harder than American Cherry, standing up very well to wear and impact because of its density.
Hard Maple Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Hard Maple Wood Stair Tread

Hard Maple: Often chosen for athletic surfaces because of its extreme resistance to use, Maple is an exceptionally smooth hardwood. Its color is always in the bright tones and can be off-white or a fine pecan color. Floors, tables, and counters are all enhanced by the subtle, swirling grain that creates a consistent and complex surface.
Hickory Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Hickory Wood Stair Tread

Hickory: Hickory's grain varies from close, long lines to wide swirls and the rare burl. Light colored, Hickory can change from a light pecan to a darker, buttery tone over time. Hickory is both hard and durable and maintains a light warmth despite use.
Knotty Alder Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Knotty Alder Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Alder: Knotty Alder's strongest feature is the collection of knots, dark spots and swirls that pock the surface, sometimes all the way through the boards. These mix with the soft yellow and brown tones of the wood to create a warm, rustic contrast.
Knotty Pine Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Knotty Pine Wood Stair Tread

Knotty Pine: Knotty Pine is a perfect wood for anyone looking to create a truly rustic atmosphere in his or her home. Knotty Pine is a softer wood that is usually vanilla in tone. Its grain can vary depending on how it is cut, but it is very often light and streaked with interruptions of small knots. These knots are more plentiful than in Knotty Alder.
Mahogany Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Mahogany Wood Stair Tread

Mahogany: Mahogany possesses a uniform deep auburn color enhanced by its thin, long, and occasionally swirling grain. It is one of the most durable of hardwoods and grows richer in color and smoother in texture over the years.
Poplar Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Poplar Wood Stair Tread

Poplar: Poplar can vary widely depending on the tree or even the cut. The inner wood can be a dark gray and the outer, newer wood can be a light vanilla. Similar to Birch in this way, Poplar boards can be starkly different from plank to plank, but create a mixture of color that is striking even as it takes on a slightly darker tone over time. Its grain is typically long and smooth with intermittent waves and curls.
Quartersawn Red Oak Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Quartersawn Red Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn Red Oak: Sought after for floors and furniture, Quartersawn Red Oak resists changes over time. Its grain is tight knit and long with occasional ribbon-like patterns across the grain. Any cut is typically reddish in color but can vary from nearly white to a deep wine color at the center of the tree.
Quartersawn White Oak Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Quartersawn White Oak Wood Stair Tread

Quartersawn White Oak: Lighter in color than Quartersawn Red Oak, the White Oak is usually in the golden brown tones of color though the sapwood can be even lighter. Because it is quartersawn, the grain appears in long, even, and tight lines that reach along the surface with figuring of light ribbons that cut across.
Red Oak Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Red Oak Wood Stair Tread

Red Oak: Stiff and dense, Red Oak is one of the best-known choices for floors and counters because of its hardness and durability. It tends to have a fairly uniform grain, thin and straight, but will often feature flares in its pattern. Its color can range from an off-white at the edges of the sapwood to a deep auburn at the heart, but almost always has a natural red shade.
Soft Maple Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Soft Maple Wood Stair Tread

Soft Maple: Sought after for its smooth, creamy appearance as well as its remarkable hardness, Maple is a dense wood that is excellent against wear. The grain most often reaches along the length of the boards in fluid-like patterns, but is occasionally broken up by a quilting or swirling in the growth lines.
Spanish Cedar Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Spanish Cedar Wood Stair Tread

Spanish Cedar: Spanish Cedar has the sweet fragrance of a vintage cigar box. With tones nearing grapefruit or pale peach, its grain is fine and tightly gathered, creating an intricate, liquid pattern of waves and streaks. Easily one of the best aging woods, Spanish Cedar resists damp weather and insects like termites.
Walnut Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped Walnut Wood Stair Tread

Walnut: Ranging from a chocolaty brown heartwood to an off white, tan colored sapwood, Walnut has a smooth texture. Its grain, long, open, and uniform, is sometimes patterned with circles caused by burls in the tree. It stands up well over time, taking on a lush coffee color.
White Oak Hand Scraped Wood Stair TreadsHand Scraped White Oak Wood Stair Tread

White Oak: The surface of White Oak darkens over time from a milky or grayish tone to a fine pecan shade. At the same time, White Oak resists moisture, fungus, and certain insects better than most woods. Its long, streaked grain pattern opens out in a room or countertop, creating an inviting and warm surface.