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Extra Thick Stair Treads

The stairway is the first thing that greets you and guests as you walk into your home. They are the first impression your home gives. Take a look at your stairway now. Are they warm and inviting or worn and carpeted? Is that the impression you want to give as people walk across your threshold and into your foyer? We can help you with creating a warm and welcoming entryway.

A stairway is the backbone of a home. Having a solid foundation that is strong, durable and beautiful is important. We offer high quality stair treads so that you and your family can enjoy their beauty and strength for years to come. Renovating your stairway has never been so easy. Replacing tired, worn stair treads with high quality custom hardwood stair treads from Country Mouldings can breathe new life into your home.

Why Choose Extra Thick Hardwood Stair Treads?

Custom Sizing
Stair treads are not one size fits all. Our extra thick wood stair treads are offered in 1 ¼", 1 ½" and 1 ¾" thickness, in almost any width and length. At Country Mouldings, we also offer our extra thick stair treads in two grade choices - 1S and 2S. Grade 1S is the best choice when the face, nose and any returned sides will be visible. If the bottom and back are visible as well, the Grade 2S would be the solution. By offering custom sizes, different grades and many wood choices, your stairway can truly be a one of a kind work of art.

Add Beauty to Your Home
Thicker, square profiled wood stair treads are becoming more and more popular in the modern home. They are often used in open staircases but work for closed staircases as well. In either case, our extra thick stair treads are sure to be an eye-catcher. By adding hardwood stair treads, you can bring warmth and a classic elegance back into your space. With our large selection of wood, you can create a look from classic to contemporary.

Strength and Durability
When choosing stair treads you should approach the decision as you would when making any other investment. Choosing high quality stair treads is a way to add value to one of your biggest investments, your home. The piece you choose should stand the test of time. Your stairway sees a lot of traffic and can be prone to wear and tear. Less expensive products may not hold up over the years. By investing in a custom high-quality stair tread from the beginning will keep you from headaches in the long run and will add value to your home.

Extensive Selection of Hardwoods

American Cherry Extra Thick Stair TreadsAmerican Cherry Extra Thick Stair Tread

American Cherry: American Cherry is a perennial customer favorite due to its absolutely beautiful finish. It has an even grain and a fine texture, and when sanded, it yields an almost glassy finish. The deep, reddish-brown heartwood, paired with a lighter colored sapwood, makes American Cherry an elegant choice for any home accent. Medium-weight, strong hardwood.
Ash Extra Thick Stair TreadsAsh Extra Thick Stair Tread

Ash: Ash wood is an excellent utilitarian hardwood. Its even, light brown coloring and straight, even grain accepts stains very well. The texture is medium to coarse, and it also sands and finishes very well. This medium-weight wood blends well into any decor, and is therefore found in many homes, pressed into many uses.
Beech Extra Thick Stair TreadsBeech Extra Thick Stair Tread

Beech: Beech hardwood is known as a strong, sturdy, heavy-weight wood with a uniform grain and fine texture. The heartwood is a light to medium reddish-brown, with a nearly white sapwood. Beech stains and finishes well, so the final hue can be made to blend into any room. Works very well for steam bending.
Brazilian Cherry Extra Thick Stair TreadsBrazilian Cherry Extra Thick Stair Tread

Brazilian Cherry: A very strong, dense hardwood, Brazilian Cherry wood (also called Jatoba) has an interlocking grain and a texture that can range from medium to coarse. The color also varies, from a light brown with orange undertones, to a deeper, rich brown with red undertones. Whatever the shade, it has a natural glow to it that makes it an especially inviting wood.
Hard Maple Extra Thick Stair TreadsHard Maple Extra Thick Stair Tread

Hard Maple: This medium to heavy weight hardwood, whether it is call Hard Maple, Rock Maple, or Sugar Maple, is unique in that the sapwood is often preferred for use over the heartwood. The sapwood most often has a straight grain, and is very light in color, showing a creamy, off-white shade. The fine texture of Hard Maple gives it a bright, clean look that works beautifully in simple, elegant rooms, as well as in warm, rustic areas.
Hickory Extra Thick Stair TreadsHickory Extra Thick Stair Tread

Hickory: Hickory is a tried-and-true, classic, strong hardwood. The colors found in Hickory can range from a warm blond, to light brown, to a warmer reddish-brown. The coarse texture, along with a grain that can be straight or wavy, combine to make this heavy-weight wood a traditional countryside feel. Hickory will lend both character and strength to your piece.
Knotty Alder Extra Thick Stair TreadsKnotty Alder Extra Thick Stair Tread

Knotty Alder: As the name implies, Knotty Alder can have open knots in the wood, or even split knots that can go through the wood entirely. This unique feature gives it a rustic, pastoral look, and the warm, light reddish brown hue adds to its welcoming feel. A light-weight wood, Knotty Alder is straight-grained with an even texture and a very natural appearance.
Knotty Pine Extra Thick Stair TreadsKnotty Pine Extra Thick Stair Tread

Knotty Pine: Knotty Pine is a highly reliable light-weight hardwood with a straight grain and a fine, even texture. It features small knots dispersed throughout the wood, which give each piece a one-of-a-kind appearance. The wood itself is a light, yellowish brown and is very stable and strong.
Mahogany Extra Thick Stair TreadsMahogany Extra Thick Stair Tread

Mahogany: Admired for its rich and elegant deep reddish hue, Mahogany finishes beautifully and is a classic choice for furniture and home accents. This durable, medium-weight wood has a rather coarse grain, but stains and polishes well. Durable and workable, Mahogany is an excellent hardwood for nearly any purpose. Rich patina deepens with time.
Poplar Extra Thick Stair TreadsPoplar Extra Thick Stair Tread

Poplar: If your space calls for a light colored wood, Poplar is a top-notch choice. It offers a cream or pale yellowish tone, and is one of the top utilitarian hardwoods in the market. Poplar is a lightweight wood that is exceptionally easy to work with, and it boasts a very even, straight grain that adds to its simple, clean appearance.
Quartersawn Red Oak Extra Thick Stair TreadsQuartersawn Red Oak Extra Thick Stair Tread

Quartersawn Red Oak: Red Oak's beloved homey, reddish-brown color is also available cut in a quartersawn style, which results in extra strength and very even grain to the wood. You still have the best qualities of Red Oak: excellent sanding, staining, and finishing, in a warm-toned, medium-weight wood, plus extra stability in the quartersawn style.
Quartersawn White Oak Extra Thick Stair TreadsQuartersawn White Oak Extra Thick Stair Tread

Quartersawn White Oak: Woods cut in a quartersawn style have a consistent grain and extra stability to them. White Oak, already a strong and durable wood, is made even more stable when quartersawn. With its neutral light to medium brown coloring, Quartersawn White Oak is a foolproof selection for any use. Heavy weight with a straight grain and medium to coarse texture.
Red Oak Extra Thick Stair TreadsRed Oak Extra Thick Stair Tread

Red Oak: Red Oak finishes and takes a stain beautifully, making it a very popular choice for all types of residential wood products. With a brown and reddish toned heartwood, it adds warmth to any room. Red Oak has a straight grain and a fairly coarse texture. It's a very stable, strong, medium-weight hardwood, which makes it an excellent selection for nearly any application.
Soft Maple Extra Thick Stair TreadsSoft Maple Extra Thick Stair Tread

Soft Maple: Soft Maple wood has a heartwood that ranges from light to medium reddish-brown, and a sapwood of greyish white. It accepts and reflects stains wonderfully, allowing it to be stained to resemble other woods and finishes. Soft Maple is a medium-weight hardwood with a fine texture. Its strength makes it an excellent utility wood.
Spanish Cedar Extra Thick Stair TreadsSpanish Cedar Extra Thick Stair Tread

Spanish Cedar: Spanish Cedar is known for its unique scent, and is often used in the construction of closets, chests, and other storage vessels. Its pale pink to reddish brown tones darken with time. This lightweight hardwood is strong and sturdy, and its straight grain and warm luster make it a beautiful wood for residential use.
Walnut Extra Thick Stair TreadsWalnut Extra Thick Stair Tread

Walnut: Walnut's rich coloring and quirky grain patterns make it a popular hardwood known for its character and toughness. The heartwood can range from a light brown to a darker chocolate brown, and the straight grain is enhanced with wavy curls and burls. Walnut has a natural luster than deepens over time. An excellent medium-weight wood to pair and contrast with lighter hardwoods.
White Oak Extra Thick Stair TreadsWhite Oak Extra Thick Stair Tread

White Oak: White Oak's heartwood ranges from light to dark brown, with a lighter colored sapwood. It is a strong hardwood that stands up to wear and tear very well, and is also highly water-resistant. White Oak has a straight grain, a medium to coarse texture, and is a heavy-weight hardwood. Excellent for cabinets, flooring, paneling, and doors.