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Hand Scraped Plank Countertops

When a wood artisan utilizes the hand scraping technique, it produces a distressed look in the wood. Currently, the rugged and rustic wood design is one of the most popular and highly requested designs in home and commercial kitchens. Each plank is carefully crafted to complete the look of any kitchen across the US. Hand scraped plank countertops inspire a warmth and simplicity in the most frequented room in your home. Whether you are a culinary savant or a family cuisine master, you need an accessory that is both stylish and fully functional. Country Mouldings puts you in the designer's chair from the very moment you visit the site to the final purchase of your product. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start benefitting from owning a hand scraped plank countertop.

What is a Hand Scraped Plank Countertop?
Only the best wood planks are selected for your plank countertop assembly. Once you decide on the type of wood you want, a craftsman gets to work on the design. First, a plank countertop is carefully manufactured. Next, the master woodworker glides the scraper along the exterior of the wood, which allows the pastoral elegance of the wood to pop. With only a scraper tool and well-labored hands, the artist creates a unique design. Lastly the hand scraped plank countertop is prepared for shipping.

Why a Hand Scraped Plank Countertop?
Hand scraped plank countertops serve a variety of purposes and are excellent style accessories for your kitchen space. Create an area where you and others love to congregate. A great countertop inspires delectable foods and fun conversations. The benefits are boundless.

  • Easy to install
  • Cleanup is simple
  • Fluid finish
  • Accommodate any style and kitchen color
  • Ideal for dicing, chopping and slicing foods directly on the countertop
  • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Functional when you are cooking, and fashionable when you are not

  • Choose your wood
    There are sixteen different wood types to choose from: American Cherry, Ash, Beech, Brazilian Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Adler, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, Quartersawn Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Red Oak, Spanish Cedar, Walnut and White Oak. The wood arrives unfinished, which allows you to put your soul into the process.
  • Select your size
    The available thickness is 1 inches; the max width is 7 feet; and the max length is 15 feet.
  • Create an edge
    The available edges are square, eased, roundover, beveled, cove, bead with step, small roman ogee and large roman ogee.

If you cannot decide, do a little window-shopping with the online price comparison tool.

Extensive Selection of Hardwoods

American Cherry Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsAmerican Cherry Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

American Cherry: Known for its deep, appealing luster, American Cherry usually ranges from a pale almost pinkish tone to a reddish, tea colored brown at the heartwood. A very smooth surface is decorated with waves and flares in the grain. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
American Cherry Plank PricingAmerican Cherry Plank Information
Ash Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsAsh Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Ash: Well known for its ability to remain smooth under constant wear and friction, Ash has a smooth feel to its surface. Its grain is closely knit and long and is marked by small waves and figuring. Like many woods, its sapwood is a yellow cream but can range up to the color of brown sugar at the heartwood. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Ash Plank PricingAsh Plank Information
Beech Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsBeech Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Beech: Often a soft, golden white color, Beech can be paler towards the sapwood and a fine reddish brown deeper into the tree. Its grain is typically closed and straight with occasional outstretched ripples. Its texture is quite smooth and stays smooth over long periods of time. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 118" long, and 84" wide.
Beech Plank PricingBeech Plank Information
Brazilian Cherry Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsBrazilian Cherry Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Brazilian Cherry: Brazilian Cherry can range from an almond color towards its surface to orange-tinted brown towards the heartwood. Its grain is interlocked and wavy and its texture is slightly rough to the touch. Over time, the wood deepens in color, showing off its exotic origins. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Brazilian Cherry Plank PricingBrazilian Cherry Plank Information
Hickory Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsHickory Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Hickory: A golden, toasted color is strongest with Hickory, ranging from pinkish cream to reddish tan. Slightly rough to the touch, Hickory's grain is patterned with circular waves of growth lines surrounded by tightly knit, long stretches. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Hickory Plank PricingHickory Plank Information
Knotty Alder Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsKnotty Alder Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Knotty Alder: Harder than Knotty Pine, Alder creates a cabin look with its constellation of knots, burls, and flares. Often a light brown sugar color, Knotty Alder can also be a pale yellow or a deeper auburn towards the tree's center. As it ages, it takes on a deeper tea color with the knots remaining as eye-catching as ever. Knotty alder has closed and open knots, some of which all the way through the wood. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 115" long, and 84" wide.
Knotty Alder Plank PricingKnotty Alder Plank Information
Knotty Pine Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsKnotty Pine Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Knotty Pine: Though softer than some woods, Knotty Pine creates a farmhouse look with strong character and complexity. Its dark knots dot the surface of the wood while the grain swirls around them. The result is a stark contrast between the smooth surface of the wood and the striking interruptions of burls. Available up to 1-3/4"" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Knotty Pine Plank PricingKnotty Pine Plank Information
Mahogany Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsMahogany Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Mahogany: We use African Mahogany for our plank countertops. Sought after for its deep red character, Mahogany is also one of the most enduring woods. Its grain is smooth and long, giving an almost fluid appearance with occasional swirls of growth lines. Mahogany has a fine texture and adds a sense of elegance to any room. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 142" long, and 84" wide.
Mahogany Plank PricingMahogany Plank Information
Hard Maple Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsHard Maple Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Maple: Maple is one of the best hardwoods for long term or aggressive wear. Its light coloring ranges from milky to a slight amber brown but stays bright over the years. Maple has a naturally smooth texture and a grain that is quiet with wavy figuring. Available up to 1-3/4"" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Maple Plank PricingMaple Plank Information
Poplar Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsPoplar Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Poplar: Poplar's color can vary greatly within the tree. The sapwood is often white or blonde in color while the heartwood can be a toasted tan sometimes even grayish color. Mostly, a sandy tone is common. The grain is uniform and straight, reaching out in long streaks. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Poplar Plank PricingPoplar Plank Information
Quartersawn Red Oak Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsQuartersawn Red Oak Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Quartersawn Red Oak: Coarse in its feel, Quartersawn Red Oak has the same reddish tints as flat sawn Red Oak, ranging from a pinkish white at the edges of the tree to a wine colored brown at the center. Already a hard wood that wears well over time, Quartersawn is slightly less likely to be bent or shrunk by the years. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Quartersawn Red Oak Plank PricingQuartersawn Red Oak Plank Information
Quartersawn White Oak Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsQuartersawn White Oak Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Quartersawn White Oak: Brightly colored, Quartersawn White Oak maintains an off-white or light brown color over its years. It is a strong, durable wood, particularly when quartersawn. The grain is closely knit with rays that may resemble tiger stripes across the grain. It is naturally resistant to certain threats like insects. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Quartersawn White Oak Plank PricingQuartersawn White Oak Plank Information
Red Oak Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsRed Oak Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Red Oak: Coarse to the touch, Red Oak is known for how well it ages. Its hardness stands up to time as does its fine, straight grain. Its color ranges from almost white to a deep reddish brown towards the heartwood. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Red Oak Plank PricingRed Oak Plank Information
Spanish Cedar Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsSpanish Cedar Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Spanish Cedar: Spanish Cedar is typically pink or even peach in color though it can range as dark as brown sugar at the heartwood. Naturally fragrant, Spanish Cedar is also naturally resistant to dampness, rot, and certain insects. Its grain is subtle and wide, pouring out over the boards in waves. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
Spanish Cedar Plank PricingSpanish Cedar Plank Information
Walnut Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsWalnut Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

Walnut: Nearly white on the tree's outsides, Walnut can be a deep brown with tones of gray or even a purplish black, creating a contrast that can be bold and inviting. The sapwood is an off white, tan color. Its grain is consistent with straight, open lines and occasional burls and pores that add depth as well as character. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 142" long, and 84" wide.
Walnut Plank PricingWalnut Plank Information
White Oak Hand Scraped Plank CountertopsWhite Oak Hand Scraped Plank Countertop

White Oak: Known for its consistent white almond color, White Oak has a long, open grain that features longer rays than Red Oak as well as swirls. Flat sawn White Oak has a grain that has long, textured lines and features a flared look. Available up to 1-3/4" thick, 15 feet long, and 84" wide.
White Oak Plank PricingWhite Oak Plank Information

This page is for unfinished hand scraped plank countertops. For prefinished and other styles, please visit Butcher Block, End Grain Butcher Block and Plank Countertops.